FIND YOUR CHARM! - Necklace Bar Guide

FIND YOUR CHARM! - Necklace Bar Guide

Have you heard? You can now create your own ONE SIX FIVE necklace! Pick sterling silver, rose gold or yellow-gold filled, your chain length — 15" or 18" —and finally your CHARM(S)! To help you decide which charms suit you best, we've created this little guide.

Spiral Charm

If you've ever been told that you're "down-to-earth", part of your charm is likely represented as a spiral. You're grounded, in tune with yourself and always looking for ways to grow. Others find you to be genuinely captivating, you have a calming presence that allows those around you to feel at ease.

If you need more "om" in your life, our spiral charm is a daily reminder to tune into yourself and that life is a process.



If you're all about doing things your own way and redefining the status-quo, your adventurous spirit is part of your charm and can be represented as a squiggle. You are different and you don't really give a damn. Others are envious of your ability to let things roll and your adaptability.

Wearing our squiggle charm is a self-proclamation to plan less and live more.


Solid Circle

You're full of light. All that glimmers is gold with you. Your charm is your happiness shared wherever you go and can be represented by a solid circle. You bring out the best in others, and they love you for it.

You can wear our solid circle charm to channel your positive vibes and show the world what you're made of!


Open Circle

If you're independent and self-assured, your charm can be represented as an open circle. You are whole and don't need anyone else to feel complete. You love who you are and others look to you for strength and inspiration.

If you aim to feel emotionally and spiritually complete within yourself, our open circle charm can act as a daily reminder that at the end of the day...all you need is you ; ) Shoot your shot!



This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we will indulge you anyways! If you're all about the feels, the heart charm represents your best qualities. Part of your charm is how you move through the world with love... for yourself, for others, for disco balls etc. You're about what you're about and you want to let everyone know : )

If you could use more loving vibes or want to show others that your heart is open, the heart charm is a great place to start!


Start with a chain - OR - Start with a charm!