The Comb, Our Hero

While brainstorming the newest collection, things got a tad zany. Our creative process may or may not have included holding random objects up to our heads, but we realized that we are inspired by everyday objects. Objects like... combs!
What's not to love? They come in fun colors, keep you lookin' fresh and can get you out of messy (hair) situations. We've been taking these hygiene heroes for granted! It's time that we show them some appreciation.

The AW17 collection has comb-shaped earrings in three different styles. We have comb-shaped studs, comb-shaped ear crawlers and even comb-shaped dangle earrings. Each style is handmade by us (Kaleigh + Claire) in our cozy Columbus studio. Our pieces are made with sterling silver wire and 14 karat gold plated, gold-filled brass wire. Our one-of-a-kind earrings keep even the most sensitive of lobes, irritant free!

Check them out in our online shop or stop by our studio if you're local! We love visitors... and combs. 

dangle comb earrings
comb-shaped ear studs
comb ear crawlers