Muse of May

At ONE SIX FIVE Jewelry, we like to be inspired by the world around us.
Many times, this includes women who frequent our shop, neighbors or
other local business owners.

When we get really lucky, we know someone who is all three!

Introducing Angela, our first monthly muse.
It's no secret that we adore her, and we think you might too.

Angela - Muse of May

So, tell us about yourself. What do you do?

Ok, well I do a lot of things! I do yoga, swing dance (like the style from the 1930s, its so fun), I love to cook, hang with my husband, and definitely socialize. Buuuut regarding what I do for work: I own an online gift shop,, full of pre-made curated gifts. I like it :)

How would you describe your everyday look?

Hmmm my everyday look ... it definitely ranges from comfy yoga leggings & a tee (when It's just me in the studio) to a more refined modern romantic style. I love black & anything high waisted ... I really hope that style stays forever.

What's your favorite ONE SIX FIVE piece? Why?

Oh man, there are so many that I love! So I'll just go with my most lucky piece. I own the Hildi necklace in nude & I wore it to a big client meeting and the next day the client booked a huge custom gift order!

Angela - Muse of May

Do you have any interesting projects that you are currently working on?

Well my husband and I are buying a house & it needs a lot of updates ... so there's that! As far as work goes I have few custom gift projects that I'm excited about! One is with a bride who is a midwest blogger ... but you'll all just have to wait and see what we come up with ;)

What are some of your favorite local places to shop?

Um def ONE SIX FIVE! But also: Lucky's Market, Tigertree, Bear Roots Floral, Clintonville Farmers Market & there are lots more, but those are my top picks.

Considering your gifting expertise, what makes the best Mother's Day gift?

Definitely a gift that will "add value" to her. So don't give her junk she doesn't need, but rather things that give her an experience. I find the best experience to give Mom is relaxation with a side of flowers. Spa/pampering gifts are usually the winning ticket.

If you were an article of clothing, what would you be and why?

Haha! Well, I never thought about this one before. Maybe a classy floral wrap around sun dress? I like flowers, the sun, and wrap dresses.

Angela - Muse of May