2017, you were a doozy! We started the year off with a bang in a brand new space at 3171 N. High St. Moving around the corner from our old digs, the shop is now the talk of the block. Pretty sure the pink storefront doesn’t hurt either ;) Oh and did we mention that we added a new sign?!

We met lots of new local friends with a more prominent shop location, but this year we made it our mission to focus on our online pals too. We got super nerdy with our research, and we think it’s paying off! You deserve the best :)

This year we added over 25 new, handmade pieces, bringing our current collection to a staggering total of 50 pieces! That number doesn’t even include retired pieces, special projects and exclusive items with Of a Kind, The Sunroom and Multitudes Studio. Not to mention all of the creations that never made it into a collection, but ones that you can typically catch at our sample sale ;)

Claire and Kaleigh- Megan Leigh Barnard Photography

This past year we experimented with bigger and bolder pieces with lots of mixed-metal. We are always surprised by what pieces are the most popular when we release new collections, and this year you all loved the Bar Fringe Ear Jackets, the Thea Ear Cuff, and the Hildi Necklace… which we now offer in almost every color imaginable!

In our travels, we returned to Capsule in NYC for the 5th year, made our way to Chicago and Brooklyn for the Renegade Craft Fair, and took a trip to the Porter Flea in Nashville. We love exploring new places, meeting awesome people and sharing our passion!

In our personal lives, we have switched to predominantly vegan diets, spent countless hours with people we love, and went to a bomb-ass sparkle-party! Oh, and we made 3 furry friends that often visit our shop, Havoc, Heli and Hannibal. Overall it was a good year, and we are looking forward to another of getting to do what we love.

We are so blown away by the milestones we made this year and thank you for being a part of it. We love you!!!!

Cheers to 2018 <3 
Kaleigh + Claire